• Weekly Reminders & Updates!

    For the most recent COVID info CLICK HERE

    COVID-19 Protocol for WCS:

    • The school reports daily to the state all students, teachers and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19.
    • If a positive individual was in school during the contagious time period (determined by CDC), the school identifies all close school contacts and calls the parents/guardians.
    • Confidentiality for each case is imperative.

    If you have further questions, please email Mrs. Emery at temery@whitesvillesd.org or call her at 607.356.3301 x221

    Reminders & Updates

    *BIG news for the 2022-23 School Year @ WCS

    🍎Free Breakfast & Lunch for ALL Students
    📘 Free School Supplies for All Students
    🥰WCS is partnering with the YMCA to provide daycare opportunities for our community starting this Fall
    🤩WCS is an awesome place to learn and grow!

    *FREE Summer Meal Program - Free breakfast and lunch will be served July 11-August 12 in the WCS Cafeteria. All children, 18 years of age or younger, are welcome and encouraged to take part in this fantastic opportunity! Breakfast will be served 7:45-8:15 weekdays. Lunch will be served 10:45-11:15 weekdays. The more community participation, the better the chances of continuing this program in the future. Our Cafe Blue Jay staff is excited to serve our students this summer!

    *Free Rapid Test Kits are available to everyone in our community. Just stop by the main office, DoJo your child's teacher to send a kit home in their backpack or call the main office to send it home with your MS/HS child.

    *Please keep your child(ren) home if they are not feeling well and call Mrs. Cobb at 607.356.3301 x230. Thank you 💙🤍💙
    *Substitute cleaners/custodians are needed ASAP.  Please contact Mr. Mike McIntyre for more information at 607.356.3301 x232 or mmcintyre@whitesvillesd.org.
    *Bus Drivers Needed - Whitesville Central School is encouraging community members call at 607.356.3301 x400 if you are interested in becoming a part time, full time or substitute bus driver. Mr. Chapman is happy to support you through the process of becoming a certified School Bus Driver.

    *As always, if you have questions please email Mrs. Emery, Superintendent, at temery@whitesvillesd.org.

    Have a wonderful summer!