• Middle School History

    I will be using Office 365 TEAMS so after reading through this overview, head over there to begin getting familiar with specific assignments that I have mentioned below for each class.  You should already be added to your TEAM, so if you are not, send me an email right away. 

    You can contact me through TEAMs if you need to reach out with questions or clarification on anything. 

    Eventually we will be Zooming!  You will get an invite soon!  Zoom is for video conferencing so be thinking about where you will be able to have a little quiet time in your room or in a chair on your back porch maybe. See below for instructions on how to Zoom.

    -Mr VanBuskirk

    As we get going here is what a typical day for each class will look like:

    -FIST list or another vocabulary exercises
    -Notes by online or Zoom--I will try and Zoom with the class at least once a week
    -Videos if possible
    -Kahoot if we can get on-line?
    -Quizzes when possible
    -Testing at the end of a section or chapter- usually on a certain date.

    Current work:
    Sixth Grade: 
    -Zoom and discuss Roman Empire
    -DBQ- Romans and Greeks
    Seventh Grade:
    -Corp of Discovery movie and assignment sheet.
    -Notes on Jefferson
    Eighth Grade: 
    -Great Depression
    -Notes - through Zoom and on-line
    -DBQ on Great Depression
    -Kahoot for review
    12th Grade:   
    -Economics Chapter 4 Demand   
    -Section 2 Review Section 3
    -Homework Sections 1-3 online- send copy to me.

    ZOOM Instructions

    Zoom is a cloud video conferencing application offering quality video, audio, and screen-sharing features. It's designed by zoom.us for both small businesses and large corporations.

    It also can be used schools so that teachers and students can video conference.

    Below are the instructions to get on Zoom.

    1. In your email, you should get a link.
    2. Click on the link.
    3. Allow Zoom to launch.
    4. If you don’t already have Zoom installed, you’ll be prompted to install it.
    5. Follow the directions. Join the meeting by entering the invite code.  Join "with computer audio".
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