• This course aims to provide students with opportunities to become engaged in the political process by learning knowledge and practicing skills necessary for active citizenship.  Content specifications are not included so that the course can adapt to present local, national, and global circumstances, allowing flexibility to use current events to illuminate key ideas and conceptual understandings.  

    The Economics portion of Social Studies 12 examines the principles of the United States free market economy in a global context.  Students will examine their individual responsibility for managing their personal finances.  Students will analyze the role of supply and demand in determining the prices individuals and businesses face in the product and factor markets, and the global nature of these markets.  Students will study changes to the workforce in the United States and the role of entrepreneurs in our economy, as well as the impact of globalization.  Students will explore the challenges facing the United States free market economy in a global environment and various policy-making opportunities available to government to address these challenges.