• Bus Safety Rules


    ~ Wear clothes that can be easily seen

    ~ Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is to arrive.

    ~ Make sure to stay away from the road and out of the DANGER ZONE which is 15 feet

       around the bus on all sides.

    ~ Move toward the bus after the doors are open and driver gives you the signal to cross

       or board and go directly to a seat so we don’t hold up traffic.

    ~ Never throw things on the bus or out the windows or stick your hands or feet out the


    ~ Keep the aisle clear.

    ~ Talk softly and stay seated on the bus, any distraction can cause the driver to lose

       focus on the task of delivering the students safely. Pay attention to the bus driver.

    ~ Only get off the bus at your designated stop. If you need to get off the bus at another

       stop please have a note from your parents. Parents: If your child is getting off at a

       different stop please put the name and address of the stop. There may be a substitute

       driver who will need the information.

    ~ Please do not move from your seat until you reach your stop.

    ~ If you leave something on the bus please do not try to get back on the bus, the driver

       may not see you. If you drop something please move to a safe place outside the door

       of the bus and let the driver know then they can help you.

    ~ No eating or drinking on the bus. This is for the student’s safety so they don’t choke

       and to keep the bus clean.