• Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and
    Response to Intervention (RTI)
    Whitesville Central School

    Whitesville Central School District uses a Response to Intervention (RTI) model which seeks to provide appropriate instruction matched to individual student needs.  This includes: 

    • high quality, research-based instruction for all students in the general education class provided by qualified teachers;
    • differentiated instruction to meet the wide range of student needs;
    • curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and grade level performance indicators for all general education subjects; and
    • instructional strategies that utilize a formative assessment process.

    The Whitesville Central School RTI process supplements the general education curriculum for all students K-8 to meet or exceed the CCSS.

    Several points of data are used when determining how students will be grouped and what interventions will be used.  The data points include; lesson embedded assessments, state assessments, iReady diagnostic and benchmark assessments and teacher recommendations that include their use of common formative assessments.

    Three grade level data team meetings are held each year to determine grouping and intervention strategies for individual students.  Any student falling below grade level according to iReady benchmark assessments will be considered for a customized intervention plan and an intervention plan will be put into place which will include specific strategies matched to the deficiencies on specific standards. Students are progress monitored throughout the school year and teachers continue to discuss adjustments to the interventions in-between data team meetings. 

    Progress reports are sent home for each student three times throughout the school year. Additional parent notification will also be provided if the student requires  intervention beyond that provided to all students in the general education classroom.

    For more information, visit the NYS Response to Intervention - Guidance for NYS School Districts page.