• Elementary PE

    Family Fun Night

    VIRTUAL Family Fun Night!

    This Friday, May 22nd at 4pm,
    we will engage in activities including

    **a scavenger hunt**

    **and dance party!**

    Dress up as your favorite superhero
    or wear Whitesville’s school colors!

    This is for everyone
    so families are encouraged to join together!

    --> Families must pre-register<--
    for our Family Fun Night by clicking on this link:

    We’re excited to see everyone
    on Friday, May 22nd at 4pm!

    Bring your best singing voices and dance moves!


  • Healthy Heart Logo
    **Elementary Students & Parents!!**
    We are working on planning a big AHA Family Fun PE event for
    Friday, May 22
    to kick off everyone's Memorial Day weekend!
    Between now and then, kids can do
    these exciting activities
    to keep MOVING!

    There will be more info coming for the Family Fun event,
    so keep checking for announcements
    on the WCS Website and check back here!

    Kids Heart Challenge!
    Join us for 25 days of heart facts and physical activity!!
    Look for the links to be posted BELOW each day for 25 days
    for a healthy heart fact and a daily exercise!
    Email photos of yourself doing these activities
    to wstebbins@whitesvillesd.org so I can SEE you!!  Have fun!!


    The American Heart Association has an AWESOME HEART FACTS video!!  Take a look.

    American Heart Association Heart Facts Video

    Our goal
    is to build strength over the next 25 days
    so we can perform all 25 exercises in 1 day!! 

    Day 1 (4/15) Run for 30 seconds!
    Day 2 (4/16) Dance party for 1 min!
    Day 3 (4/17) Stand & Sit 10 times!
    Day 4 (4/20) Read standing up!
    Day 5 (4/21) Keep a balloon in the air!
    Day 6 (4/22) Jumping jacks for 30 secs!
    Day 7 (4/23) Do the hokey pokey!
    Day 8 (4/24) See how many squats you can do in 15 seconds!
    Day 9 (4/27) Stand up, touch your toes!
    Day 10 Wall sits while reading!
    Day 11 (4/29) One-minute yoga!
    Day 12 (4/30) Stretch your hands high over your head!
    Day 13 (5/4) Arm circles forward and backward for 30 seconds each!
    Day 14 (5/5) Do 10 from jumps!
    Day 15 (5/6) Standing mountain climbers for 30 seconds!
    Day 16 (5/7) Stand on one leg, put your hands up, put your hands out to the side!
    Day 17 (5/8) 5 Lunges on the right leg, 5 lunges on the left leg!
    Day 18 (5/11) Practice spelling, do a squat for every vowl!
    Day 19 (5/12) Run in place for 30 seconds, check your heart rate!
    DAY 20 (5/13) Practice spelling by doing a jumping jack for each letter!
    Day 21
    Day 22
    Day 23
    Day 24
    Day 25!!!!
    TO MS. STEBBINS at mstebbins@whitesvillesd.org

  • 10 DAY Healthy Heart Challenge : ROUND ONE
    March 23, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    During this time of staying home, the American Heart Association had reached out to schools to help keep kids active.  You may remember the Kids Heart Challenge that WCS participated in so successfully.  Our students now have the opportunity to take part in a 10 day challenge beginning Wednesday, March 23.  There will no collecting of donations, just good ACTIVE FUN!  Please read the announcement from the Heart Association for all the details and get ready to get moving!

    Stay healthy and active, Miss Stebbins


    Here’s how it works:  

    • Log on to heart.org/KidsHeartChallenge, or search “Kids Heart Challenge” in your app store and download the free mobile app. 
    • Find your school and get registered.
    • If you already registered for the Kids Heart Challenge there’s no need to register again.  If you’re not registered, now’s your chance to sign-up and play along.  

    It’s FREE and there’s no obligation to fundriase.

    See below flyer for more info!

    to see the daily information that was sent out
    to participants during ROUND ONE!  

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