• WCS clubs and Activities

    WCS Clubs & Activities


    National Honor Society/National Junior Honor Society

    Student Council

    Scholastic Challenge
    The WCS Scholastic Challenge is broken down into a Junior and Senior team comprised of 9-12th graders. The past few challenges have been held virtually against other schools, and the challenge itself lasts several hours.  Teams are further broken down into groups that work through the competition brackets on challenge day, competing for the championship title.  A panel of judges asks a series of questions and the teams must try to buzz their answers in faster than their competitors.  Questions cover all content areas as well as a wide range of extracurricular topics as well, making any subject matter fair game to be asked.  In 2020, our WCS Junior Team took first and second place in the May and November competitions, respectively! 


    Yearbook Club
    The WCS Yearbook Club is composed of high school students who volunteer their time documenting the school year in interviews, surveys, stories, and photos for the WCS Wycenian Yearbook.  Members create a book that our school, alumni, and community can look back on for years to come.  Being part of the Yearbook Club instills teamwork and core values as individuals become part of a dedicated group that meets deadlines and produces a quality product by the end of each year.  The students learn and apply marketing, design, photography, print/copy, editing, and social skills that will transcend high school.

    Youth Mentoring Group
    The Youth Mentoring Program pairs elementary and trained High School students to work as a team through enriching activities facilitated by the Site Coordinator.  They meet once a week to work on group and paired activities which promote positive relationships, build trust and encourage essential social interactions that help drive the values of Respect, Empathy, Fun, and Frienship among our youth!

    Chess Club

    Robotics Club