Answer some of the following questions
    and send PHOTOS with your submission to us!!

    How did YOU quarantine: What did YOU do during quarantine or social distancing? What precautions have you and your family taken? What have you done differently? Maybe include a picture of you in your mask or washing your hands!

    Alone time: How have you been spending your days? What Netflix/Disney+/Hulu binges have you indulged in? Who played with Legos? Who put on cooking shows? What have you been doing to pass time? Include a picture of you in the act!

    Chores: Have you had to babysit while your parents were working? Maybe you have had extra chores around the house. What extra duties have you been doing to help your family? Include a picture of you doing this!

    Parents underfoot: Has your parents been also working at home? How is that going? Ask your parent/(s) to contribute! Take a photo of the family "working"

    How we did eLearning: Take pics of online learning in progress. List the pros and cons.

    Empty shelves: Will the TP supply ever be replenished? Keep it light hearted. How many TP rolls did you buy? funny pic!


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