• Mathematics Syllabus

    Instructor:                      Mr. Lipnicki

    Contact Information:  alipnicki@whitesvillesd.org


    Class Materials


    * High School Only* TI 83+ or TI 84+ Graphing Calculator (Students will be offered opportunity to sign out a calculator at the beginning of the year.  If students do not return their calculator at the end of the year a replacement fee will be levied.  Calculators should always be either with the student or in their locker.  Calculators left in the open often quickly go missing.)

    Three Ring Binder (I will be providing regular note packets.  Students are expected to keep notes/homework for studying for end of year state tests)                 

    Pencils and Pens (I strongly encourage students to work with pencils)                  

    *Geometry Only* Compass/Protractor (School will again provide an opportunity to borrow a set that must be returned at the end of the year)            


    Late Work Policy

    Late work will be given an automatic 25% reduction. If you are absent from class you have one class period to make up the homework.  It is the absent student’s responsibility to see me outside of class for assignments and assistance with assignments.


    Make-Up Work Policy

    Regular attendance is important for success in this course.  Students are responsible for obtaining assignments and making up work when absent from class. I can stay after school most days of the week (assuming nothing unexpected comes up).


    Grading Scale

    70% - Tests/ Quizzes/ Projects/ Exit Tickets*- Depending on the material covered, there will be between 2-4 tests per marking period (Class projects are also graded as a quiz).

    Tests will be scored out of 100 points, Quizzes will generally be scored out of 50 points, and Exit Tickets will be scored out of 5 points.

    30% - Homework - Homework will be given out almost nightly (with the exception of the night before a test).  Students are often given some time to work on homework in class.         


    *The reason for this style of grading is so that, for example, if we had 1 test and 4 quizzes in one marking period, the test would not be "under weighted". This way we will be tested only when needed, not just to fill a spot in the gradebook.


    Class Expectations

    There are several expectations that are to be upheld in this classroom.  Failure to follow these expectations will result in appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with school policy.


    1. Participate in class (Students should play an active role in the class.)
    2. Be prepared for class (Student should have all necessary supplies / assignments.)
    3. Complete all work (Completion of all class activities and homework is important.)
    4. Be on time (Students will be on time to class.)
    5. Remain in your seat (Students should stay in their seats until the dismissal bell.)
    6. Do not be disruptive (Students must not interfere with the advancement of others with talking etc.)
    7. Keep cell phones in your locker/pocket (Students who use cell phones in class will pick them up from Mrs. McNeely at end of day.)
    8. Keep bathroom breaks to a minimum (You can’t learn our material when you are in the bathroom.)
    9. Get help when needed (I am available most days before/after school for extra help. I find Youtube videos such as presentations by Khan Academy to be helpful for a new perspective outside of class.)
    10. Do the best that YOU can! (Always judge your performance in class against what you are capable of, not what your neighbor is capable of. I will be encouraging each student based upon their individual needs.)







    Automatic Withdrawal

            All students must attend at least 85% of all class sessions in order to receive credit for the course.  Generally, a half year course will meet 60 times and a full year will meet 120 times; therefore, a student may not be absent more than 9 sessions from a half year course, nor 18 sessions from a full year course.  Special courses that meet on a different schedule will be figured on a percentage basis.

                            All absences, excused and unexcused, will count in the total sessions missed as per rulings from the NYS Commissioner of Education.  The Superintendent may review special circumstances, but generally “ an absence is an absence.”

            Parent involvement is an important factor in working with a student, and the steps below will help to involve parents.

    1. After the 3rd absence from a half-year course, or the 6th absence from a full year course, the teacher will notify the parent by phone, and will notify the guidance counselor and the Superintendent. If unable to reach the parent by phone, a letter will be sent by the teacher.
    2. After the 6th absence from a half-year course and the 12th absence from a full-year course, the teacher will give the Superintendent a notice of absence, which will be sent to the parent, requesting a conference with the student, parent, teacher, guidance counselor and Superintendent.
    3.   After the 9th absence from a half-year course or the 18th absence from a full year course, the student will be dropped from the course.  The Superintendent will notify the parent by phone and a letter.  The parent will have three days to meet with the Superintendent to appeal the decision.


    Academic Integrity Policy

    Definition of cheating:

    1. Submitting the results of another person’s work as your own. Including, but not limited to: plagiarism from web, book, friend etc.
    2. Allowing your work to be used and/or submitted by another

                                 Lab Reports:  Partners may share data only, not calculations or write-ups.

    Procedures to follow:

    1. Take Homework/Lab papers from students
    2. Fill Out a Discipline Referral Form (in triplicate)
      1. Principal – with papers stapled to this copy
      2. Academic Teacher
      3. Parent
      4. The Discipline form is mailed home to parent and the principal calls the parent.

                Tests:  Automatic Zero  

     All other assignments/assessments:  The first incident in a school year (not per class – per year) will result in the opportunity to redo the paper or take a zero.  Any other incidents in that school year will result in an automatic zero.