Course Outlines:


    Math 8: 

    Covering NYS 8th grade standards including: integer exponents and scientific notation, congruence, similarity, linear equations and functions, applications of algebraic properties, irrational numbers, and bivariate statistics.


    Algebra 1: 

    Preparing students for the NYS Algebra 1 Regents exam standards including: relationships between quantities and reasoning with equations and their graphs, sequences, descriptive statistics, linear, piecewise, quadratic, and exponential equations, polynomial and quadratic expressions, equations, and functions, including developing modeling methods.



    Preparing students for the NYS Geometry Regents exam standards including: congruence, proofs, constructions, similarity, trigonometry, three-dimensional geometry and density, cartesian geometry, and circles.


    Algebra 2:

    Preparing students for the NYS Algebra 2 Regents exam standards including: Polynomial, Rational, and Radical relationships and functions, three-dimensional and nonlinear two-dimensional systems of equations, inverse functions, trigonometric and logarithmic functions, probability, and statistics.


    Pre-Calc/ACE Calc:

    Working in conjunction with Corning Community College’s ACE program for Calculus 1 college credit. Topics covered include: trigonometric and logarithmic functions, composite and inverse functions, limits, single-variable derivatives and their algebraic and graphical meaning, use in approximations including Newton’s method, rate and optimization models, differential equations and slope fields, indefinite and definite integrals with applications to areas, volumes, surface area, arc length, moments and center of mass, Reimann integration, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.