ONLINE Raffle Auction!

  • Raffle Auction Heading

    WCS Online Raffle Auction
    This year, the annual donation auction will be held online!

    The link to the auction is given below.
    View all items up for raffle and make note of the number shown on the image.

    Drop your "raffle ticket" into the virtual "basket" in the second link.
    Match up the number to the number that was on the image you wanted!

    Tickets will be on sale from
    Saturday, May 1 - Thursday, May 11
    Raffle Ticket Graphic
    *1 purchased raffle ticket = 1 virual ticket submission*
    (Tickets will be avilable for purchase from any WCS Junior!
    When putting in your submission online, be sure you include your receipt number to validate your puchase!)

    Raffle Directions: 
    STEP 1

    View Items

    STEP 2
    Drop your ticket into the virtual baskets here to officially submit your tickets!
    (directions are on the following link!)
    Link will be active for auctioning until May 11th!