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First Grade Home Learning

I plan to use the Facebook page I set up for our classroom "WCS-1st Grade- Mrs. Ormsby" as our virtual classroom so you don't miss any communications from me!  I will be posting everything you need to know on there!
Here are the links we will be using in case you need to reference them again later:

Iready -
Epic books
As far as workbooks:
  • We will be using our Skills, cat book unit 5 and the reader "Kate" Students should have these
  • Math- 2 math workbooks
  • Writing- journals
  • Science- Packet in your folder- Astronomy
I will be posting 2 videos a day. 1 for math and 1 for ELA. Students should watch the videos and then do the lessons that go along with the video. I will also be posting a lesson plan for each day. Students should do the work that is listed on the lesson plan. They should upload pictures of work to the FB page, if they are having concerns or questions. I will be contacting parents for times to do Face time videos with kids wh need RTI and we will be doing lessons through a FT video. 
Anytime parents have questions and concerns, please contact me. I have no problem being available to help your kiddos. I want everyone to be successful. Students and parents can get a hold of me through Dojo or our FB page!
Take care of yourselves!
Mrs. Ormsby
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