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     Whitesville Athletic Philosophy
    Participating in interscholastic athletics at Whitesville Central School is a privilege.  Student-athletes are given the opportunity to experience learning through the unique vehicle of sport.  Interscholastic athletics is an educational program in which participants will be required to maintain academic growth, while developing citizenship, sportsmanship, character, motor skills and health habits to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 


    Whitesville Spectator Policy 

    (Updated February 22, 2021) 

    Beginning Monday, February 22, Whitesville Central School will be allowing 2 spectators per athlete for all HOME games.  Attendance at away games is still prohibited. 

    • Spectators are to enter through the main gym doors Whitesville Central School Logo
    • Entrance will be allowed no sooner than 15 minutes prior to tip-off 
    • Entrance will not be allowed after tip-off 
    • Spectators will be screened in the lobby upon arrival 
    • Mask must be worn at all times 
    • Watching games will take place from designated seating only Spectators will be required to remain there throughout the game unless needing the restroom. 
    • Once the game is over, spectators are to exit the building immediately 
    • Spectators will treat officials, coaches, and athletes with respect 
    • If officials are unwilling to officiate a game due to spectators being present, we will not allow spectators at that game 
    • Failure to follow these procedures will result in spectators not being able to attend games 


    We look forward to your continued support of our teams!  
    **Go Blue Jays!** 

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