• 3rd Grade
    Mrs. Grimes

    I will be using mostly Facebook, (parents can search WCS 3rd Grade and ask to join the group) however, I need parents to know that they need to check this daily and ALSO respond!!! Not just look at what I post. I will also be using Dojo for anyone who does not have facebook. 

    I will be using I-ready, and also Xtramath (students will be getting more information on this in the next few days)
    Anything they may need will be sent home or be posted online. 

    They are going to be asked to do both math and ELA daily, how that looks will be different each day. Some days it will be a read aloud online and they will need to post their repsonses. Other days it may be a worksheet from a packet. I am going to create a schedule and share it with parents by monday (hopefully!) if not monday, rest assured it is coming! 
    We are all in this together!! There are going to be things tweaked and changed daily, please know that we are all going to be working through challenges and changes together. Ask questions, email me, message me, whatever it is!!! Let us all work together to make this the best experience not only for our students but also for ourselves. 
    The best way to reach me will be through our facebook group, dojo, or email me sgrimes@whitesvillesd.org

    I am going to be very diligent about checking those things frequently throughout the day to stay on top of any questions. I am here to help! 
    -Mrs. Grimes
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