• Hello, 

    I am Mr. Lipnicki, MS/HS Math and HS Science Teacher at Whitesville Central School. 

    I teach:

    Math 8

    Algebra 1 (Regents)

    Geometry (Regents)

    Algebra 2 (Regents)

    Pre-Calc/Calc 1 (ACE)

    Chemistry w/Lab (Regents)

    Physics w/Lab (Regents)

    You can best reach me by email: alipnicki@whitesvillesd.org

    I use Microsoft Teams to communicate with students and update assignments.  In the case of having to go virtual we will also be having daily live video lessons there.

    I am the advisor to the Whitesville chapter of the National Honor Society, the coach of the Junior and Senior Scholastic Challenge teams, and creator of the Chess & Board Games Club and the Electronics Club.  I also offer prep sessions for the PSAT and the SAT.

    You can find out more about past projects that my classes and clubs have participated in on my Twitter page: https://twitter.com/MrLipnicki