Mrs. Tammy Emery
  • Mrs. Tammy Emery,

    Dear Whitesville Community,

    The winter solstice is behind us and I believe that much brighter days are ahead!  Our district will continue to follow all CDC and NYS Department of Health guidelines.  If you are unsure whether to send your child to school or not, please see the “Tool Kit” flow chart in this edition of the By Lines.

    Our secure Main Entrance is now ready for use.  If you need to enter the building, please ring the bell at the new door located to the left of the former Main Entrance.

    I have been asked by several people if and/or when do we have to close school due to COVID-19.  As long as we can have staff and students in our building safely, our doors will remain open.  Schools have closed due to two primary reasons.  First, to give the Department of Health time to complete contact tracing.  Secondly, not enough substitutes were available to cover for those employees who were isolated or quarantined.  Whitesville has not met either of those roadblocks and have been able to stay open.

    Whitesville Central School was allocated $383,794 from The Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014.  Our Smart Schools Investment Plan (SSIP) can be found on our website.  A hearing will be held during our March 9th Board of Education meeting for this preliminary plan.  For more information on The Smart Schools Bond Act please visit  For questions on our SSIP, please email me at

    Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Whitesville Central School!  I know I am very blessed to live in this community and be part of this special school.  Together there is nothing we cannot achieve!

    As we move through the rest of the winter, I will be sending joyful, healthy and warm thoughts to you all!


    Tammy M. Emery

    Empowering ALL Learners
    to Lead, Innovate and Communicate