• Technology Education Course Descriptions 

    6th & 7th Technology:

      • Students will explore the world of technology through the engineering design process. We will cover topics such as energy/power, materials processing, graphic communication, drafting and tool and machine safety. This is a complete hands-on course that offers students the opportunity to be creative and think abstractly.        


    Design and Drafting for Production

      • Design and Drafting for Production is a course for students interested in the world of STEAM, with a focus on design and engineering. Students are encouraged to identify problems, experiment through modeling and prototyping, and develop effective solutions in three dimensional forms.  



      • This course provides students with knowledge, skills, and experience in the different categories of communication and multimedia systems. These categories include visual communication, audio/video communication, photography and graphic design. Students will participate in various hands-on projects and activities as they work through the different categories associated with communication systems.   


    Materials Processing

      • Materials Processing will expose students to the various types of materials we use to create products, their characteristics and the processes used to form and shape these materials. Students will learn the basics of woodworking including cutting, sanding, fastening and finishing.


    Home Repair

      • Students will develop “Do-It-Yourself” skills as we work our way through various home repair scenarios. Students will also be exposed to basic home construction. This course will conclude with a group project, constructing a scaled version of an architectural structure.