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    Editing documents on 365 Teams

    1. Look under assignments for the test, quiz etc.
    2. Hit the three little dots (ellipse)s and then hit download
    3. Open the document.
    4. Look at the top bar and hit edit
    5. Edit the document.
    6. Save to your PC

    Then follow the directions for returning the document to the teacher. See directions on files or my website.

    Sending material back through Office 365

    1. Save the completed document to your drive or PC
    2. Go back to TEAMS and look for where it says “my work” and “add work”.
    3. Hit add work and then upload from this device… which is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    4. Find the document—what you saved.
    5. The file will then upload and you then should hit done.
    6. If you have completed all of the assignment then hit turn in.

    Your teacher now has your document.


    Assistive Technology (AT)

    Text to Speech Functions

    How to open text to speech function in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and OneNote):
    You can add the speak command to your Quick Access Toolbar in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote by:

    text to speech image

    The Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon is a little upside down arrow above the insert icon on your Toolbar at the top.

    How to use Immersive Reader on Teams:
    Make the computer read things for you! You can use this on any post in the post section of a Team:

    1. Move your cursor (arrow) over the message that you want read.
    2. You should get a list of emoji icons and a three dot icon on your far right.
    3. This will open a list of options, click on Immersive Reader.
    4. It will take to a page with all the text, then hit the play button at the bottom of the page and it will start reading.

    How to open 'Read Aloud' to read your Outlook email messages:
    This should already be open on student laptops in their Outlook email

    1. Move your cursor and click where you want Read Aloud to start reading.
    2. At the top right of the screen there is an icon with three dots …
    3. Click on the three dots and a list of options will come up.
    4. Click on the Read Aloud option and it should start reading your email.
    5. You have to click on the Read Aloud option again or hold CTRL + Shift + G to get it to stop reading.

    How to find and use speech to text in Teams through Microsoft Office 365:
    This will allow your computer to type what you say!

    1. When you are in a Team you would open a Word file through Teams, Word or Word Online. When you click on the file it should give you those three options.
    2. When the document opens, click you cursor on where you want to start writing.
    3. On the far right of your right of your Toolbar on the top is a picture of a microphone (this is the Dictate button)
    4. Click the picture of the microphone to turn on Dictate (click yes when it asks to use the microphone on laptop)
    5. Then just say what you want to write and Dictate will write it for you. You have to remember to tell it where capitals, commas, apostrophes and periods are when you speak.
    6. Click the microphone picture again to turn Dictate off.



    ZOOM Instructions

    Zoom is a cloud video conferencing application offering quality video, audio, and screen-sharing features. It's designed by zoom.us for both small businesses and large corporations.

    It also can be used schools for video conferences.

    Below are the instructions to get on Zoom.

    1. In your email, you should get a link.
    2. Click on the link.
    3. Allow Zoom to launch.
    4. If you don’t already have Zoom installed, you’ll be prompted to install it.
    5. Follow the directions. Join the meeting by entering the invite code.  Join "with computer audio".



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