• Kindergarten
    Mrs. Bissett

    Hey Kinders & Families:

    I know this virtual learning is all a bit new and everyone is overwhelmed and a little nervous (even Mrs. Bissett), but we will figure this out together!

    I plan to primarily use Facebook and Facebook lives to teach. I will be uploading two videos a day (one math and one ELA) for parents and kiddos to watch either live or at their convenience. I will also be doing a weekly choice board where the students can choose extra activities to review old concepts. 

    They will be getting both ELA puppy notebooks and math workbooks home on Monday the 23rd to work from as well as a pencil box of supplies! I will also be using iReady and xtra math to supplement my material.

    A typical week will look like an ELA and math lesson per day with some sort of assessment at the end of each week.  I may also be uploading read alouds to our Facebook page!

    If students and/or parents have questions they can message or Facebook chat me to get answers.

    See you all soon!
    Mrs. Bissett

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