• Athletic Placement Process:

    Excerpt from schoolhealthservicesny.com

    The Selection Classification Process was first developed in the early 1970's.  This process was developed to screen students to determine their readiness to compete in interscholatic athletic competition by evaluating their physical maturity, fitness and skill.  The intent of the program is to provide for students in grades 7-12 to safely participate at an appropriate level of competition based upon readiness rather than age and grade.  After several years of implementation, in the 1990's the physical fitness standards were updated.  In 2005, the selection classification standards were revised again, however, the physical maturity and physical fitness standards were not updated at that time.  The department has continuted to receive feedback from the medical community, athletic administrators, and district administrators requesting that the standards for the process be updated to reflect changes in research regarding physical fitness and maturity.  The newly announced Athletic Placement Process for Interschool Athlettic Programs (APP) was revised to address those concerns in a comprehensive manor and to update the applicable standards in accordance with Commisioners regulation 135.4 (c)(7)(ii)(a).


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