Mrs. McNeely
  • Mrs. Renee McNeely, Principal

    I would like to thank all of you for your patience and cooperation as we adjust to digital and distance learning. With very little notice everyone has stepped up and once again shown the resilience we have as a community. Our teachers have been going above and beyond day and night. Our support staff is helping whereever and whenever needed. The bus drivers are delivering supplies and food while our custodians are working non stop to keep our building extra clean and sanitized. Thank you to the community, parents, students and friends for reaching out and rallying together as we work through this difficult time. We will come out stronger and closer, as we always do, once this is behind us. If I can do anything please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


    Stay Healthy

  • A few reminders:
    *Students who are dropped off must be dropped off in the front main parking lot.  (Please pull all the way down in front of the big gym doors to allow your child to get out onto the sidewalk safely and to allow other cars the same consideration.)  More details can be found here.

    *If your child has study hall on his or her schedule please remind them that this time is for studying, completing homework, getting academic support, and reading.  This is not a “free-time” or “recess-time.”  

    *Parent Portal accounts are available to all parents who have students in grades 5th – 12th.  This allows you to see your child’s assignments and grades, as well as their schedule and attendance.  See our website to get registered.  

    *Please make sure your child’s clothing is appropriate for the school environment.  All shorts and skirts must reach beyond the student’s fingertips and no underclothes may be seen at any time. (Refer to our Code of Conduct located under the Parents & Community tab.)