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    Morning Milk:  Free for Prek; $.30 a day for grades K-5
    Morning Milk money can only be turned in on Monday mornings before 10:00 a.m.

    Lunch Prices:  Breakfast is $1.00.  Full Lunch price is $2.15, ask about reduced lunches.  
    Snacks and ice cream can be purchased additionally during lunch.  Prices range from .60 cents to $1.00.

    *All meals must be pre-paid.*

    Lunch money may be turned in every morning before 10:00 am.  We can not stress enough that you put the money in an envelope with your childs name and grade on the envelope.  Feel free to include your entire family in one envelope but please include your children's names and grade with details as to where the money is to go.  (For example: Joe Smith - Grade 1 - $20.00, John Smith - Grade 2 -  $15.00....)  If you are writing a check, you will only need to write one for the whole family. 


    NY Thursday Logo Farm to School Program

    WCS is participating in a farm to school program this year where we strive to have 30 percent of our products grown and produced in New York State.  We, along with other schools, will have one day in which everything served is a New York State product, which will be October 17th this year.  Our ground beef is from a farm in Rexville, potatoes and vegetables will be from a whitesville supplier, our daily milk is a NYS product, as well as our strawberries and blueberries.  All products meet NYS inspection and requirements.


  • Department Head: Joan Coleman
    Co-workers -  Holly Ordway, Sheri Sherman and Kristi Garis