• Middle School Math 
    Mrs. Schultz
    Welcome to the new age of teaching and learning! This is all a little overwhelming, but together we will make it through!

    Math and Science classes will use Office 365 TEAMS. I have a team for each subject and students will be able to access materials, assignments, and support videos through that site. I also set up a Facebook page for both grade levels. This way parents and students can keep in touch with me through Facebook or TEAMS. Parents, please search for and request to join your the appropriate Facebook page. The page is private, to ensure our children's privacy and safety.  

    On Facebook search for:  WCS 6th grade math and science   OR   WCS 7th grade math

    Everyone can be using I-ready for extra math practice. 

    6th grade has I-ready as an assigned class, so they should complete at least 45 mins a week. 

    7th should do the same, but it is not an assigned class.  

    Math module books will be delivered by the school. Electronic versions of the work will be posted on the TEAMS site. Students will need to complete and submit the electronic version, but the workbook will be there to work it all out in a familiar way - please show work on the electronic version.              

    I am posting the science textbook in TEAMS so that can be accessed digitally.  The school will be delivering materials from the classroom for a hands-on activity this week (March 23) Instructions for the activity are in the textbook and I will post the papers that need to be completed to go with the activity. After this activity, a lot of the hands-on learning may be through videos or hoping there are materials at home you are able to use. I cannot send home non-consumable science materials from the kits.
    My plan at this point is to post a typical week's work at the beginning of the week. Students will work through the lessons and assignments during the week, with everything due by the end of the week. This will allow students and families some flexibility, while also continuing to learn and grown in the subject areas. Students may do more than one day at a time and schedule their worktime early or late, whatever works for them. At times, there may be links to videos on YouTube, Khan Academy or other such sites, but you will always start in TEAMS. I also plan to use Castle Learning and/or Study Island for some of the review work.
    For math I will be mixing both new instruction and review each week. In science I will try to continue with the concepts as best as I can. However we may need to alter the lessons to fit our current situation. 

    We all know "technology is great, when it works right." We will all be learning how to use new and different technology and it may be a slow process (especially for me). So we will all have to work together and see what is the best way for us to learn at this time. I am here to support you however I am able. This will all be different, but hopefully a little fun too.
    Students can email, ask questions through TEAMS, or call me during the day.
    Facebook can also be used, especially by parents. 
    Take care!
    Mrs. Schultz
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