• Middle School/High School Science
    Mrs. Brundage

    Hi Everyone!

    Please find our class in Office 365 TEAMS. In an effort to make learning science remotely as easy as possible, I have the following expectations and promises to each of you. Please realize that this is a work in progress and changes could be made daily!

    1)  Please check your school email and Teams each scheduled school day.

    2)  Please watch the videos and do the assignments posted in TEAMS in a timely manner (this includes tests and quizzes).

    • I promise I will provide feedback on your work as quickly as I can! Optional items will be clearly noted with “OPTIONAL.” Most optional items will be to do labs or activities for yourself, do not worry if you do not have supplies, Online options will be available.

    3) Please ask questions! You may use your preferred method to ask those questions:  join the TEAMs and chat with me or send me an email at any time. My email is abrundage@whitesvillesd.org.

    • I promise I will respond to your question ASAP. We are all learning together, and I am here to support you!
    • I promise that I will not mind if you just want to check in with what I am doing and share what you have been doing. This is the part of teaching I already miss!

    4) Please use the honor system with all work. Do your best work and be your best self.

    5) Please know that I believe in each of you and we will get through this together!

    6) I am working on creating Zoom and/or Flipgrid times to be able to talk to you face to face! These are platforms to communicate with each other.

    7th grade:

    • I sent home a new book called “The Changing Earth.” We will use this as a reference, as well as using the Lab Aid programs to continue. We will work out a time, once a week to meet virtually. Please check your TEAMs on Monday mornings for updates!

    8th grade:

    • I sent home your “Motion and Forces” book to use as a reference. We will use this and use the Lab Aids activities where we can. I am working on other options for you as well. We will work out a time, once a week to meet virtually. Please check your TEAMs on Monday mornings for updates!

    Living Environment & Earth Science:

    • We will continue working to prepare for the Regents exam. You will have weekly Castle Learning assignments based on the topics we are covering and review topics. Other work, videos, notes, etc.…will be shared though TEAMS. There will be online lab activities given weekly. Please check your TEAMS on Monday morning for updates! For each group I will work out a time to meet virtually!
    • ***Earth Science…. please use your REFERENCE TABLE!!!!

    ACE Biology:

    • We will continue as we have been. I will send materials by email or through the TEAMs. Please be mindful of due dates! Labs may need to be done either online or virtually with me through Zoom or Teams. Communication is the key!


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