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English Language Arts 9-12

Welcome to our new Digital Classroom!

Please begin by going to Flipgrid, where you will find a recorded message from me. Follow this link: https://flipgrid.com/00a88abd I will overview much of what is outlined below, so start with my video and then come back to this for more clarification.

You are living through an unprecedented moment in history—right now! Today, tomorrow, and the days that follow will be captured in history books. Someday, you will share stories with your children and grandchildren about living through this time. Because these days are historical, it is critical that we not let these events pass without capturing how they affect you, your family, our school, and our community.

Since you will be “schooling” from home, I will describe here the daily assigned work to be done outside the classroom. All assignments and work will be submitted through Schoology. Here are your daily writing and reading requirements:

Daily writing:

You will be asked to write one-two pages (or more) a day in your journal or in a word document, capturing your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns about the events that are unfolding. I want you to capture this history—your history—any way you’d like. Below are some suggestions for your daily writing, but you do not need to follow them. Feel free to generate your own thinking.

Some possibilities for daily writing:

These are here if you need help getting started.

As the pandemic unfolds, you will be able to easily find new seeds that encourage reflection. This story changes every day. Do not depend on me to do your thinking for you. Find seeds worthy of writing and thinking about.

Be creative: Write across genres: poetry, dialogue (just capture a conversation between people), description: zoom in on a moment you experience; discuss songs that capture these events for you; find and respond to charts and graphs worth thinking about.

Or perhaps you’d like to make a scrapbook. If so, here are some samples to spur your thinking:

Here is another site that shows ways of keeping interesting notebooks:

You might also want to look at how other people in history captured historical events. Here, for example, is a look at the notebooks of Anne Frank, which have been read by millions of people:

Again, be creative as you decide how best to chronicle your thinking. What is the best way to capture this historical moment? You decide. Be creative!

Your daily writing will not be graded. You will be given points on a credit/no credit basis. So take risks. Be honest. Try to create writing that you will be interested in re-reading years from now. Chronicle your thinking as we navigate these uncertain weeks. If you do not have your notebook at home, you may write on paper or create a Word Doc.

Starting next week, you will be asked to share some of your writing. You will not be asked to share everything you write, but you will be asked to join the written “conversation.” I will guide you through this process – please do not stress! Each day I will be writing alongside you. Starting next week (3/23/2020), I will be posting my daily drafts on Schoology.

Daily reading

Find a book to read. Any book that interests you. Your choice. You are asked to read this book for 30 or more minutes every school day (Monday – Friday). You are asked to time your reading every day, and to track the time you spend reading on a self-made chart. The chart you create can be hand-written or created digitally, and it might look like this example:

Date -  Book  - Pages read  - Time spent reading

3/23 The Hate U Give 22-48 35 minutes

3/24 The Hate U Give 48-68 30 minutes

3/25 The Hate U Give 68-90 40 minutes



The goal here is 30 minutes a day of sustained, uninterrupted reading. I know that may be difficult for some of you, as you may face interruptions at home, but it is critical that you do your best to find uninterrupted reading time as a means to building your stamina. You will need to send me your WEEKLY reading log at the END of each week. If you are keeping track by hand, just take a pic of your log and upload it. If you are keeping track digitally – upload the document. Either way you will upload these in schoology.

Though we may not see each other for some time, we will combat “social distancing” by remaining connected to one another. There is strength in community, and it is this strength that will pull us through this event. This moment will pass, so don’t let these days elapse without capturing your thinking and experiences. Capture your history in real time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to post a video on Flipgrid. I will respond daily. You can also email me or send a message through schoology!


Ms. Gardner

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