• Art (Grade 4-12)
    Mr. Brown

    I plan on using Office 365 TEAMS (grades 4-12)
    ​I have included a few resources for them to get started (grades 4-12)
    ​For grades 4-12 it will be business as usual. I have provided the students with resources and an idea/prompt guide to use as idea starters for artwork.  I have an instructions page they can read and then it is up to them to make art with whatever they have at home.  I have tentatively set as 1-3 pieces of art per week.  When they finish they take a picture and send it to me via email or upload to the TEAM page (grades 4-12).  This is how my classes usually run - INDEPENDENT LEARNING!!!  EXPLORING MATERIALS!!!
    We will also be referencing these websites that I've already sent them in their 365 TEAM:
    Email me with any questions you have along the way!
    -Mr. Brown

6-12 Resources (Shared on TEAMS)

K-5 Resources

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