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Mrs. Brown

Hello 6-12 WCS Music Classes!! 

I know these days seem pretty CRAZEEEEEEE ~ so in an effort to get us all together this week I’d like you to look at my flipgrid video here:   In it I go over a lot of the information that is below . . . and remember - NO JUDGING :)

I want to let you know that we have decided to NOT send home any instruments that have been left at school at this time.  This was a hard decision to make but you all know how much condensation a.k.a.“spit” we go through – yikes!!  I am working on other activities that will help us #bethemusic #cantstopmybeat as we go through these crazy times together.

Jr Band & Chorus will be using our QUAVER accounts and our new persona Sight Reading Factory accounts for a lot of this. You will find a document in our Jr Band & Jr Chorus Teams  (This is located in your OFFICE 365 Account) that will remind you how to sign into your QUAVER account and actually lets you review everything that we can do in Quaver.  Please share this document with the adults at home so that they know your not just playing games . . . you are actually learning and creating music!! Please read all of this document – it has a lot of important information.

There is also a post on how to register for your Sight Reading Factory Accounts – We know that Jr Chorus is more familiar with this program (we use it for sight reading ) but we are going to have our band students do some rhythm assignments in this program and submit one each week . . . or you can sing if you want to – take a risk!!

Sr Chorus + Sr Band:  You too will be registering for your own Sight Reading Factory Accounts.  How to register is in a post in our Sr Chorus Team which is located in your Office 365 Account.

Sr Chorus will also find another Assignment:  You Be the Judge . . .  to be completed over the next few weeks.  It should be pretty self explanatory and hopefully fun.

In our Class files are all the tracks & pdf’s of our concert music . . . I am hoping we can zoom/stream etc . . . and sing together in the near future.

Sr Band: Since most of you do not have instruments at home I will be posting some activities for us to explore . . . right now these are a work in progress . . . I see some creative ways of jamming together in our future!

Music Tech: We will first finish our story project using only sounds . . . we will work on remembering how to save these as mp3s and exporting to our Team . . . that way we may all listen and respond . . . this may be easier in a live ZOOM session so we will figure out what is a good day and time to ZOOM for everyone 😊  and yes, you may wear your pjs!! And don't worry - we can keep these to 15-20 minutes!

During these crazeeee times we are going through together we know that MUSIC will help us cope with our “New Normal”   . . . please share any music you find that is helping you get through this . . . I would love to hear what you are listening too!!

I will be sharing a "WCS DAILY JAM" ACTIVITY - I've been trying to TWEET a WCS Daily Jam each day . . . I think it would be fun if 3-4 Band + Chorus students TWEETs a "WCS Daily Jam" and tags @whitesvillecentral each day -  this will be a great way of sharing how we are feeling through all of this by the music we are listening through - of course please make sure they are school appropriate.  I'll get info on that our this week.

 I am missing our time together. . . I will be posting some videos and I am hoping we will be able to do some LIVE streaming to make some awesome music together soon!!  Stay well ~ Mrs. B