• Spanish

    Mrs. Smith

    I will be using Office 365 TEAMS.
    We'll be working with the same apps and links we already use: Quizizz, Duolingo, Quizlet. I'm also looking into some new Spanish YouTube videos!
    At this time we are going to try not using the physical textbook, unless a student does not have any access to internet.
    I am going to try and duplicate the normal classroom routine:
    The grammar notes will be a video to watch, with a Quizizz afterward. Practice vocab with Quizlet. Collect xp on Duolingo.
    Spanish II and III just started using Flipgrid. I think we will use that more during this time.

    I'm very proud of all the students I see still playing Duolingo through all of this. Keep going! When we get back to school, I plan on bringing goodies and prizes to students who maintain their streaks. This would be a good time to start a new streak also!

    Contact me through the school email or through Office 365 TEAMS if you have any questions!

    Mrs. Smith

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