Miss Maggie Cregan



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors: Elementary Education, preK-6 Masters: Reading, K-12

Miss Maggie Cregan

Welcome to 5th Grade!  I am so excited to begin this new journey, and love the idea of having my previous 2nd graders along for the ride!

I am beginning my 21st year in education (yikes!), but this is my first with 4th and 5th.  Although I was born, raised, and currently live in Hornell, I spent my childhood summers at my family's camp on Irish Hill in Rexville.  Not only did I teach 2nd grade for the past 9 years, I was a reading specialist and coach for 7, and before that I taught 6th grade in Maryland.

Those of you who know me will recall that I am totally in love with my dogs!  After putting my 12 year old black lab Sullivan down this past March, I was ready to start again.  On the last day of school, I brought home a 10 week old black lab that I have named Seamus (Shay/mus).  He now terrorizes my 12ish year old rescue dog, Emmett.  Emmett is a beagle-Jack Russell mix without many teeth and has lost most of his hearing, lol, but he is super cute!

Students always ask "What kinds of things do you like?"  Well, here are a few of my favorite things:  *dogs, family, friends, COFFEE, dark chocolate, books, music, yoga, working out, Wonder Woman, Snoopy, growing up in the 80s, fall and winter, essential oils, visiting my friends in Maryland, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick's Day