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COVID-19 Protocol for WCS:

  • The school is informed and reports daily to the state all students, teachers and staff who have been tested for COVID-19
  • The school prepares a contact tracing spreadsheet in case of a positive result
  • The Department of Health, from the county of residence, of the positive individual, is responsible to complete all contact tracing
  • If the positive individual was in school during the contagious time period (determined by the Health Department), the school is contacted
  • The school then must report the positive student, teacher or staff member on the daily state website which is upload into https://schoolcovidreportcard.health.ny.gov/#/home
  • The school sends the prepared contact tracing spreadsheet to the person in charge of the contact tracing
  • As a courtesy, administration has reached out to each family who was directly impacted by the positive individuals via Global Connect, personal phone call or face to face conversations
  • Confidentiality for each case is imperative
  • It is important to note, we are only able to report confirmed cases with a positive test result as reported by the Department of Health from each county

If you have further questions please email Mrs. Emery at temery@whitesvillesd.org or call her at 607.356.3301 x221

Weekly Reminders & Updates!

April 16, 2021Whitesville Central Summer Program

*Special Education Teacher Summer School Position. We are looking for an energetic, certified Special Education Teacher to teach an elementary 12:1:1 language-rich summer program at WCS (July 5th - August 13th). If you are qualified and interested, please send a letter of interest to Mrs. McNeely, Principal/Director of Special Education at rmcneely@whitesvillesd.org by April 23rd.

*Bus Drivers Needed. Whitesville Central School is encouraging community members call at 607.356.3263 if you are interested in becoming a part time, full time or substitute bus driver. Mr. Chapman is happy to support you through the process of becoming a certified School Bus Driver.

*Whitesville Central School has experienced positive COVID-19 cases. Check the School COVID Report Card daily to stay informed. Always remember that our District is responsible to maintain the confidentiality of each positive person. Please know that you will be contacted by the school if your child is a direct contact to a positive person at school or on the bus.

*Check out the NYS toolkit if you are wondering if you should send your child to school or not.

*COVID-19 Information. Did you know that if a student is positive for COVID-19 that they may not be able to return to Physical Education class, athletic practices or use the workout room? As of December 15, 2020, any student who tests positive for COVID-19 must be released by their doctor to return to PE class. This is due to COVID-19 cardiac symptoms and the impact they have on the heart. For more information click here.

*As always, if you have questions please email Mrs. Emery, Superintendent, at temery@whitesvillesd.org.

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