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COVID-19 Protocol for WCS:

  • The school is informed and reports daily to the state all students, teachers and staff who have been tested for COVID-19
  • The school prepares a contact tracing spreadsheet in case of a positive result
  • The Department of Health, from the county of residence, of the positive individual, is responsible to complete all contact tracing
  • If the positive individual was in school during the contagious time period (determined by the Health Department), the school is contacted
  • The school then must report the positive student, teacher or staff member on the daily state website which is upload into https://schoolcovidreportcard.health.ny.gov/#/home
  • The school sends the prepared contact tracing spreadsheet to the person in charge of the contact tracing
  • As a courtesy, administration has reached out to each family who was directly impacted by the positive individuals via Global Connect, personal phone call or face to face conversations
  • Confidentiality for each case is imperative
  • It is important to note, we are only able to report confirmed cases with a positive test result as reported by the Department of Health from each county

If you have further questions please email Mrs. Emery at temery@whitesvillesd.org or call her at 607.356.3301 x221

Reminders & Updates!

*Bus Drivers Needed - Whitesville Central School is encouraging community members call at 607.356.3263 if you are interested in becoming a part time, full time or substitute bus driver. Mr. Chapman is happy to support you through the process of becoming a certified School Bus Driver.

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*As always, if you have questions please email Mrs. Emery, Superintendent, at temery@whitesvillesd.org.

WCS wishes everyone a safe and joyful summer!


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