Holden and Deven Matteson Area All-State finalists

Congratulations to Deven Matteson and Holden Matteson for being selected as members of the JH and SH Area All State Choirs!

- Headed to Area All-State Choir

A-W Olivia Waters

Congratulations Olivia Waters for being named to the 2023 Allegany County Division II All Star Team!

- Allegany County Division II All Star Team

WCS Holden Matteson

Holden Matteson was chosen for the BigFuture’s College Board of Nation Recognition Program, which “celebrates underrepresented students who excel academically on College Board assessments”. He was also a Medalist for the Class of 2024 Rensselaer Medal Scholarship!

- BigFuture & Rensselaer Scholarship

WCS Isabella Potter

Isabella Potter received the DAR Good Citizens program, sponsored by the Catherine Schuyler Chapter, which “honors an outstanding young person in the senior class who demonstrates, qualities of dependability, service leadership and patriotism”.

- DAR Good Citizen Award

Holden Matteson

WCS Senior selected as a member of the 2023 NYSSMA All-State Mixed Chorus!

- NYSSMA All-State Mixed Chorus

Scholastic Challenge

Congratulations to the WCS Scholastic Challenge finalists for winning their s second year in a row!

- WCS Scholastic Challenge